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Wirtz Wire EDM, LLC Supplies precision custom machined metal components to customers with the goal of having excellent quality, on time, and at a fair price.

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EDM Services

Wire-EDM, Conventional EDM, and EDM-Drilling

CNC Milling and Turning

Incorporating Solidworks and FeatureCam solid modeling software

General Machining

Milling, Turning, Grinding

Laser Engraving

Identification text, serial numbers, corporate logos…

Laser and Micro TIG Welding

Small components to objects as heavy as 14, 000 lbs

Black Oxide

True hot-dip, conforms to  Military Spec MIL C 13924, Mil C 46110 AMS 2485.

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What is Wire EDM?


In wire-EDM, a very thin moving wire serves as is able to cut and define items with more accuracy then conventional tools.  The path of the wire is controlled by a computer, which allows extremely complex shapes to be produced, especially with different types of metals.

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EDM Machine Drilling

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